At Thrive English,
We provide tailored English Business courses.
We  evaluate your English ability and background
and form customized learning material
that you can apply in any work setting.


More info about 
the Service!


Personalized Service

We offer only one-one service to

make sure that the client's need

is fully understood.
And each of the client received tailored

learning material by our teacher.


Highly Applicable

Our curriculum is highly useful
in any business settings.
You will be able to communicate 
in any context after taking 
enough classes.

Flexible content

We understand that business world 
is constantly changing.
So, our courses are highly flexible. 
We are open to adjust our
teaching content 
base on your need.


Business conversation  

Our speaking courses include

basic business conversation,
business negotiation, business presentation
cross-function communication, customer communication...etc
The curriculum is applicable in
any business or office settings.

Business Writing

Our writing course include
composing  E-mail,

professional writing, business report,

business proposal.
The courses will help your communicate 
clearly and professionally.



Our curriculum do not only
focus on the language test
but your English skill as a whole.
The English took in our class can
be applied in any areas of your life.

Free consulatation

If you are interested in our class,
we highly encourage you to sign up
free consultation.
We are exciting to see you and
would like to know if we could
help you in anyway.


meet us here!


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