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​Free Consultation

 We provide 20-30 min free consultation to
know you as a person and your need.
Please fill out the form below to schedule a consultation
and let us know in which area we can help you!


Free consultation

Simply schedule a free consultation meeting with our staff!


 More info about free consultation

Why do we offer free consultation?

We want to know you as a person and

also see what kind of help you need.
So we can tailored a classes

that can meet your need and 

achieve your goal.

How long is
the consultation

Each consultation sessions takes about 20 - 30 mins.
So we can fully understand your need and your goal.

Do I have to pay deposit?

Absolutely no! 
Free consultation is completely free.
There is no deposit.

How do i prepare 
before consultation?

Please send us the documents you already have.

They don't have to be complete but they will give us

a clearer direction on how we can help you. 
You can send the documents to

meet us here!


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