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At Thrive English,
We provide
professional application services.
We take time to holistically understand your
background, work experience, and standardized scores
to create a personalized application strategy.

Privat Tutoring General

More info about 
the Service!

school application

Personalized Service

Our consultant offers one-one services to ensure

our clients' needs are fully understood.
There is no "one size fits all";

each client receives a

tailored application strategy

and individualized feedback.

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School Selection

We understand school selection

is a difficult process!
We are here to help  
you think through all the variables
you must consider to find 
which schools are most suitable for you.


We will coach you through your "why"
for your Personal Statement and 
Statement of Purpose.

(Though they sound similar,

these essays are not the same!)

We will help dig through your stories and
connect the dots to form
mesmerizing essays.

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From big ideas to small details,

our editors have your back!

We carefully go through every sentence
to ensure all documents are

both logically sound and 
grammatically correct.


Though we can't write the essays for you,

we do love to edit! By helping

your story "shine" with the right wording,

we love to make your personality "pop"!
We are more than excited to polish 

your essays and help get you

ready to impress the

admissions committee.

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海外留學申請 copy_edited_edited.jpg


We will help you optimize your Resume/CV.
Let's streamline your content, polish the wording, 
and quantify your achievements 
to make you a more competitive candidate.

Interview Prep

We know how nervous it is to

face an interviewer--and in English, too?!


(Did you know they love to ask about your weaknesses?)


Don't worry: 

We'll assist you in honing your content, phrasing, and expression to ensure you present the best version of yourself in upcoming work or school interviews.


Free Consultation

We provide complimentary consultations to gain a comprehensive understanding of your needs and to give you a proper introduction to our program.

Schedule a session with our teacher, be it face-to-face or online!

WorkShops At
National Taiwan University

meet us here!


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