At Thrive English,
We provide
professional application service.

We will holistically understand your
backgrounds, experience and standardized scores
to form a strong application strategy.


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Personalized Service

We offer only one-one service to

make sure that the client's need

is fully understood.
And each of the client received tailored

application strategy by our teacher.

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School Selection

We understand school selection is a hard process.
We are here to listen to your dream

and goal to assist you

in finding your best fit!


We will coach you through your "why"
for your Personal Statement and 
Statement of purpose.
We will help you dig your stories and
connect the dots to form
mesmerizing essays.

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Grammatical error is a big "No"

in any essays.
We will carefully go through every sentence
to make sure the whole essays are 
grammatically correct.


Word usage can bring the life
out of the essays.
We are more than excited to polish 

your essays and have them 

ready to impress the

admission committee.

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We will help your optimize your essay.
Streamline the content, polish the wording 
and quantify your achievement 
to make you a competitive candidate.

Interview Prep

We know how nervous it is to

cast your odd on an interview.
We will help with your content,
wording and expression
so that you can show your uniqueness
in the interview. 


Free Consultation

We offer free consultation
to holistically understand you 
and also introduce ourselves to you.

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