meet our teachers


cate shubat

Hometown: San Diego, CALIFORNIA

  • BA in English and Linguistics, Boston University
  • TESOL certified, 2016

  • University-level IELTS (Academic) & Pronunciation

  • IELTS, GRE, SAT, ACT, GEPT Instructor

  • Native English Speaker

  • Also proficient in Mandarin, Korean, and Spanish

​I’m excited to see students grow, in more than just English ability! I want to help students build up confidence in themselves, so they can share that progress with friends, and help each other grow.

I’m passionate about language. I love poetry and rap, learning languages, playing with sounds, and creating music. I spent most of my life enjoying and studying language just for myself. Now, I want to invest in Thrive community to help people communicate and express themselves creatively.

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carmen copu

Hometown: Atlanta, GEORGIA

  • BA in Communications, Thomas Edison State University

  • TESOL certified, 2016

  • Youth English Teacher

  • Freelance Tutor, adults and children

  • English Camp Instructor

  • Native English Speaker

  • Also proficient in Romanian

I was born in the United States, but moved to Romania when I was nine years old. Living in Europe for half of my life allowed me to travel and learn about different people and cultures. I originally came to Taiwan to do just that, but stayed because I love the Taiwanese people, delicious food, and beautiful countryside.


As a teacher, I’m passionate about learning, but sometimes people make learning hard. I think we need to make it easy again. That’s why I’m so excited about Thrive English because when you’re practicing English and having fun with friends, you forget you’re learning and it becomes effortless.