our Vision

Thrive English wants to make a change.
We want students to learn English in a fun and relaxed way.
In Taiwan, English classes focus on teaching Grammar and Vocabulary. Students are forced to memorize many things in each class.
This might be effective for tests, but it gives students pressure,
so they forget the joy of learning.

Hoping to change the way people learn English, Thrive English created a space where students can actually SPEAK English and have fun in class. We offer fun games, snacks, and group activities. Most importantly, we give students the chance to speak English confidently!

At Thrive English, we provide a friendly environment so students feel comfortable while learning. We encourage students to speak confidently without worrying about grammar. Our games are designed so students enjoy learning. We inspire students to express their ideas creatively because we know each student is unique.

Join us to experience the best English classes  you have ever been to!