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​Free Consultation

 We provide 20 min free consultation to
know you as a person and your need.
Please fill out the form below to schedule a consultation
and let us know in which area we can help you!

Privat Tutoring General

Free consultation

Simply schedule a free consultation meeting with our staff!

When are you available for the free consultation?
Free consultatin form
More info about free consultation

 More info about free consultation

Why do we offer free consultation?

We want to know you as a person and

evaluate what kind of strategies

and resources can help us

assess both your current situation,

and your future plans.

This way, we can tailor classes

that can meet your needs and 

achieve your goals.

How long is
the consultation?

Each consultation sessions takes

about 20 minutes.


We'll ask you about how you've prepared so far,

where you are now, and where you want to be

so we can fully understand your needs and your goal.

Do I have to pay A deposit?

Absolutely not! 
Free Consultations are, like the name says,

 completely FREE.
There is no deposit.

How do i prepare 
before consultation?

Please send us any documents you already have

(past test scores, recent writing samples

from the last 3 months).

They don't have to be complete, but will give us

a clearer direction on how we can help you. 
You can send the documents to

meet us here!


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